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If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ve probably realized like I have that bringing traffic to your offers is the single most mindboggling, time consuming and/or expensive trick in the book of online marketing.

WELL, after months of trying different things, I think I’ve found the best system to both market my business offers, and it has a very cool COMP PLAN!!!


Best thing is that you can sign up for FREE and start accumulating a downline, you can message directly, 1 at a time until you’ve sent to your whole list.

To be clear, I signed up for FREE, and watched the videos they have. The comp plan made immediate sense, so I went ahead and joined as a BRONZE CUSTOMER for a one-time fee of $20, so I can send up to 20 messages at a time to my whole list. MEANWHILE, my downline continues to grow. I woke up to 163 people in my downline on the first day and an additional 357 after the second day.

Since I sold 2 BRONZE CUSTOMER memberships on the first day, I now qualify for commissions, after upgrading to Independent Representative. The first month is free, and then it’s $20/month if you wish to continue with it. They take the fees out of your commissions.

For anyone who is an affiliate marketer or if you have your own products, this may be something, you want to consider.

Watch the video if you have any question: HERE

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